Here you will find upcoming consultations related to the environment. If you would like to input into an upcoming consultation, please contact Jason Reeves (CIEEM Policy and Communications Manager). Please ensure that comments are forwarded at least one week before the consultation deadline. It may not be possible to include late comments in consultation responses.

All consultation responses are signed off by either the President or one of the national Vice Presidents.

Upcoming consultations

Consultation Deadline
Tree and woodlands: introducing measures for felling street trees 28 Feb 2019
Heritage Ireland 2030– a new national heritage plan (Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht) 28 Feb 2019
Scoping a new forestry plan for North West area forests and woodland (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs; NI) 1 March 2019
Draft climate change adaptation plan for Wales (Welsh Government) 4 March 2019
Improving our management of water in the environment (Defra) 12 March 2019
Draft National Air Pollution Control Programme (DEFRA, DAERA, Welsh Government and Scottish Government) 14 March 2019
Good Food Nation Proposals for Legislation (Scottish Government) 29 March 2019
Inshore Fisheries Pilot: Inner Sound of Skye – A Consultation (Scottish Government) 11 April 2019
Environmental Principles and Governance for Scotland (Scottish Government) 11 May 201

To view our past consultation responses, please visit the Resource Hub.