Our Team

The day-to-day running of CIEEM is undertaken by a team of staff known as the Secretariat. Led by the Chief Executive Officer, their job is to ensure that CIEEM runs efficiently and effectively in support of achieving its Vision and Mission.

Meet the Secretariat

Chief Executive Officer
Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM
Membership Manager
Stuart Parks
Membership Operations Manager
Sarah Cox Grad CIEEM
Membership Officer
Sarah Hayward
Membership Officer
Michael Hornby
Assistant Membership Officer
Katie Allen
Member Networks
Member Networks Coordinator
Vicky Bowskill
Project Officer (Ireland)
Based in Ireland
Elizabeth O’Reilly
Project Officer (Wales)
Based in Wales
Diana Clark MCIEEM
Project Officer (Scotland)
Based in Scotland
Annie Robinson
Finance and Office Administration
Office and Finance Manager
John Gordon
Finance and Administration Officer
Linda Redman
Administrative Officer
Helen Sielaff
Policy and Communications
Policy and Communications Manager
Jason Reeves MCIEEM
Marketing Officer
Mimi Stanwood
Policy and Communications Intern
Amber Connett
In Practice Editor
Gill Kerby
Conferences, Training and Degree Accreditation
Professional Development Officer
Siân Kear
Professional Development Coordinator
Krystie Hamilton
Professional Development Administrator
Jade Hemsley
Awards and Professional Conduct
Professional Standards Officer
Deborah Alexander